British Cake-off: Five Ways To Take Your Afternoon Tea

What could be more British than drinking tea? There are few traditions which are deemed more British than afternoon tea. Tea is considered amongst Brits as the ‘unofficial’ national drink, making the combination of tea served with sweet and savoury selections a quintessentially British tradition. A firm ritual amongst British Royals, afternoon tea originates from the 19th century and was designed to fill the hunger gap between lunch and an evening meal.

Today, the custom is as ever popular and whilst the art of baking has made a comeback in our hearts, the revolution in home-baking over the last decade has baked up quite a storm in our kitchens too. Today’s iconic bakers are bringing back more than ever the tradition of afternoon tea that was famously established as part of British culture.

Yet busy modern times has meant there is less free time for people to enjoy a proper cup of tea with a cake or biscuit to accompany whilst socialising. The opportunity to take time out for our British traditions has become a luxury in our fast-paced modern-day lives. Afternoon tea however, has created the occasion for people to come together as a social occurrence once more, as the modern shift towards ‘mindfulness’ aims to keep you ‘present’ during our hectic and busy lifestyles.

Offering the ultimate British taste, the popular social gathering can be enjoyed for many reasons, whether you’re just wanting to indulge with friends or take someone out for a special occasion, The Richmond Apart Hotel have come up with five ways you can make room for a socialising event with a side of afternoon tea.


1. Birthday Treat

What better way to spend a birthday than having a tea party, combining something sweet with prosecco and tea is a fun way to spend the biggest or littlest of birthdays of all ages. Surprise a friend or organise your own birthday afternoon tea get-together for a simply delectable British birthday celebration.


2. Baby Shower

Cakes are an overwhelming theme for baby showers, the custom has only recently hit the UK after many years of success across the pond in the U.S. Enjoy a special afternoon tea with loved ones and friends, celebrating the impending arrival of the bundle of joy and newest addition to the family with delicious treats including warmed Scones, Banoffee Tart, Blackcurrant Macaron’s, Lemon Meringue Tarts and more!


3. Ladies Day

For some ladies day may only occur once year, but for others getting together with the girls is a ritual event happening every few weeks. Mix things up and with a modern variation of the quaint tradition and socialise with friends and family over tea whilst tucking into a selection of finger sandwiches on a two-tier slate stand and reminisce over the good old times.


4. Anniversary or Date

If you’ve hit that milestone with your partner or fancy surprising your date with an unforgettable experience of English etiquette, afternoon tea served accompanied with prosecco may just be the perfect way to sweeten your desires heart. Few can resist the temptations of the flawlessly arranged sweet and savoury selection, just don’t let the etiquette get too much in the way of your fun!


5. Wedding Breakfast and Bridal-To-Be Get-together’s

Whether its jam or cream first, afternoon tea can offer a Bride the style of sophistication with added classiness that she can indulge into during her big day. In running of the wedding theme, family and friends can revisit the tradition of English etiquette and celebrate with a touch of elegance. Whilst the bride or bride-to-be can soak in old-fashioned finery with a customary event that once lived amongst the higher classes and now established into modern-day special occasions.


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