How to plan a wedding in 6 months

You’ve just had one of the biggest moments of your life, now it’s time to focus on planning the wedding you’ve been dreaming about. Most weddings tend to take a year or two to plan, but planning a wedding shouldn’t have to be as stressful and take so long! If you start early and follow this quick and easy guide of how to plan a wedding in 6 months, you’ll be celebrating in no time.

6 months to go…

First and foremost, you need to set a budget. This is key as costs can begin to spiral when you don’t have a figure in mind, it identifies where you can be flexible and puts a realistic stance on your venue choice – quickly eliminating venues with a hefty price tag, or those which aren’t in the same league as your expectations.  

With six months to go, you need to book your venue first as it will allow you to send out Save-the-Date invitations as early as possible, to ensure all of your guests are available to attend your big day. There are lots of Open Days across the city but The Richmond will be hosting one on January 7th (click here for more details). Make sure to make contact with your local register then too!

Once you have a date set you can begin to think about the style of your wedding, this will identify the theme that you have in mind and will help you choose your flowers, bridesmaid dresses and all of the smaller details that come with a wedding more easily. But before you begin to think about what the bridesmaids are wearing six months is just enough time to search for your dream dress. Many places stock off the rail dresses, some however need to be made to order so giving yourself enough time will ensure you’re wearing your dream dress on your big day. With your dress covered you can then start to move onto the colour scheme and begin to find suitable bridesmaid dresses and identify flowers that will suit your chosen theme.

Five months and counting…

Next you need to start thinking about your vendors, a photographer and DJ are a must at weddings so start your searching sooner rather than later as they tend to book during the wedding season, as soon as you find the right person don’t hesitate just book. Caterers, if your venue is somewhere like a hotel most of the time a good hotel will plan your wedding day with you, this will include everything from food, (including a pre-wedding food tasting) to alcohol, lights, table planning, table and chair dressing. If you find a venue that does it all for you like us at The Richmond Hotel, it’s an added bonus and one less thing to worry about. They can help with your entertainment too! Looking to get in shape for the big occasion? Joining a gym or buying your own equipment from PowerGym Fitness may be a good solution.

Four months to go…

You’ll need a cake, whether you choose a classic wedding cake, funky cheese cake or an over the top ten tier cake, you need to give yourself enough time to shop around and find the best tasting and looking cake that’s right for you. Now also send out your invites and give your maid of honour a nudge to book the all important hen night!

Three months….

A few of months before the wedding will mean that a lot of the main parts to the wedding will be in place, wedding cars, venues, flowers, suits and dresses should all have been sorted by now, which leaves you with the details.

8-6 weeks before the big day….

Accessories, shoes, wedding rings, hair and makeup stylists, marriage registration will all start to come together one after another. You’ll have had your RSVP’s by now and your table plan will already be taking shape.

2 weeks to go…

Make sure you have that all important run through! Do you want the Queen of Sheba or are you opting for something a little different? You decide.

And then…

The whirlwind six months will have flown by and before you know it you’ll be walking down the aisle in your dream dress on your big day. It will be time to celebrate with the people you love the most. So congratulations, you’ve planned a wedding in 6 months! Good job.

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