Planning the Perfect Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one our favourite occasions, there’s nothing more exciting than spending the day with the person you care for the most. It’s about an endless day of all things sweet with a fresh bloom aroma filled in the air. Getting creative and planning a head will give you the best possible start in stealing the heart of your dreams or showing your companion just how special they are. But, thinking of the best way to swoon your date isn’t all that easy, that’s why we’re here to help deliver a guide to planning your perfect Valentine’s day. 

Book ahead  

Planning ahead will give you the best possible chance at making your day and night the sweetest of successes, so get yourself organised and plan the most romantic time of your lives. Booking early will give you the best possible chance at ensuring your Valentine’s day is not a wash out, who wants a last minute fiasco in panic booking a restaurant that you certainly wouldn’t eat at usually let alone a special occasion?! So, give yourself enough time to plan and make sure you’re booked into a restaurant that is offering the best affordable Valentine’s day menu around –  as who wants to be panic booking the day before?! We of course recommend the R Bar and Brasserie. Our dedicated menu can be viewed here.



This one is always a task and a half in itself regardless of your budget. But we think the most meaningful present is something from the heart, because after all you’ll be getting to know your date better than anyone, so choose something that you want to give. It makes it so much more meaningful when receiving a gift from the heart.

But if you need a helping hand, then we suggest embracing Valentine’s day in all its lovey dovey glory and finding something special that your date would love. 


Think about the senses, a scented candle will light and fill the room with a fragrance that will always last as familiar smell recognisable of your special day spent together. Aromatic bath oils will also be greatly appreciated on a February brisk winters day, partner it up with a body lotion that will soften the skin making it even more irresistible to touch.


More than just a heart shaped box of treats for chocolate loves, the biological effects of the sweet stuff has some real sexy benefits. Dark chocolate especially is known to increase your libido and helps to stimulate and elevate our moods, giving us more energy, as well as providing us with fantastic health benefits.

Edible Obsessions

If you think you’re in with a chance of being the next Star Baker then whipping up a batch of heart shaped cookies or a red velvet cake is a great way to show how much you truly care without the price tag of an expensive gift. Or if baking isn’t your expertise, plan ahead and contact a local bakery and pre-order some personalised Valentine’s Day cupcakes to entice your date with.

Fresh Blooms

Sometimes you just can’t beat good old tradition, flowers offer a pretty and thoughtful gift to a loved one. Team it up with a poem from the heart: 

“Roses are red, violets are blue… we’ll leave the rest of the message down to you!”

Date Night

Rushing around to prepare a meal for your date can often mean a lot of hassle – unless you’re calm and collective when it comes to cooking in Jamie Oliver’s league! That’s why we suggest making Valentine’s day one to remember by being effortlessly wined and dined. Enjoy a glass of chilled Sparkling Kir Royal followed by a sumptuous three course meal with your choice of house wine to share whilst relaxing to the sounds of a live pianist in the background with added romance in the air of our restaurant, the R Bar and Brasserie. 


Let’s face it who really wants the night to end? Retreat and let the celebration continue until the next day; fresh blooms and sweet treats help to arouse the senses but a night away gives you another excuse to show how much your date really means to you with the ultimate grand gesture. Sweep your partner off their feet with rose petals, prosecco, chocolates and a strawberry plater alongside a three course meal and breakfast the following morning. You can find our dedicated offers here.

Top tip: put together a playlist that you and your partner can listen to whilst you indulge in all things sweet and reminisce on the good times. 

The Perfect Ending

If your Valentine’s Day ends in the perfect engagement, why not come and visit us on Sunday, February 18th for our wedding open day which will be held in the room your could potentially be getting married in?

Want to know more? Contact Emma Crawford our dedicated Wedding Co-Ordinator today