Wedding Trends: Hot For 2018

It’s an exciting time to be an engaged couple with so many great new opportunities to make your wedding day, fun, different and most certainly unique. At The Richmond, we are no strangers to helping our loved-up couples make their nuptials stand out and we certainly have seen some really creative requests over the last decade, especially in 2017. As we look forward to 2018, our wedding team have created a guide to the hottest trends in the world of weddings. Here’s our run down of our favourites:


1. Winter Weddings

When you think of a wedding summer time will most probably pop into your head first, however summer weddings tend to cost far more as the expenses from venues, caterers, flowers and cars hike up prices as demand peaks. That’s why winter weddings for the past few years running have become a popular way to save some extra cash. Not only are winter weddings more cost-affordable but they can also add a touch more romance in the cool air and early dark nights; reds and greens, silver and white will add some serious glamour to a winter wedding.


2. Afternoon Tea Wedding Breakfast

Not all couples invite a large number of guests to their wedding, many couples are opting for smaller weddings with less cost and fuss. Afternoon tea is becoming ever more popular for celebrations across the country, the quintessentially British tradition is providing couples with an alternative and sophisticated way to wed. A prosecco sweet and savoury themed day is a great low cost unconventional and stylish way to celebrate the big day for those who may be considering more of an elegant approach to planning their wedding.


3. DIY Wedding Décor

Table Decorations

As well as looking at the amazing newly-weds, wedding guest’s eyes will be particularly drawn to table decorations where they will set up camp for the wedding day and night ahead, making it one of the most important aspects of the weddings to get right. Centrepieces, flowers, large extravagant vases however are expensive, many flower centrepieces from a florist could set you back hundreds if not thousands of pounds alone. That’s why DIY table decorations and centrepieces have become a widespread theme for planning a wedding. Move over large, over the top centrepieces and say hello to tea lights, table confetti, cute homemade card holders and table numbers, quirky jam jars with a single beautiful rose, gemstone detailing to add a luxe feel, and craft together stunning DIY centrepieces to add a personalised touch with minimum cost to your wedding décor.


Chalkboard Art

Embrace the chalkboard, you might be thinking it may be a tad old-school but chalk is very much in and we’ve seen some homemade designs that we just adore. Chalkboards are a stylish way to present table plans for guests and wedding signs, not only is it inexpensive but it also adds a hint of rustic romance to the day.


Balloon Installations

I know what you might be thinking, balloons are usually a celebration for birthdays, yet 2017 has been the year that balloons have hit the spotlight. They are fast becoming the go-to choice for cost-effective displays, from stunning backdrops with the large confetti filled balloons to features on the dessert and cake table. It’s definitely a trend that brings life and colour to a wedding.


Unique Invitations

An invite to a wedding should always excite the guest, it’s the first glimpse they see of the wedding theme. That’s why many couples are opting for invitations that really stand out, homemade cards and bold envelopes are catching the eye of newly-weds to be and are a great way to get guests hyped about attending the wedding.


4. Fun Food

Wedding Cakes

Marbled, dripped or even whimsical themed weddings cakes are bang on trend right now and some are costing half the price of traditional high tiered weddings cakes. Barely iced naked cakes are still a hot choice for rustic themed weddings, however fun and more playful cakes have started to take centre stage this year. Anything out of the ordinary is whipping up quite the storm in wedding cake decorations with colour dripped cakes, the ever-loved marbled pattern, or sparklers and sprinkles are adding a big dollop of fun. Out with the outdated royal icing look and in with the creative, eye catching and fun cakes that will look amazing at your reception, making you almost unable to cut into!


Cheese Cakes!

For those who want to be ahead of the game and even more out of the ordinary, tiers of a selection of fancy and smelly cheeses and crackers with grapes and chutney and pickle is an upcoming trend to suit those who enjoy savoury over sweet!


Dessert Tables

During a wedding, there is no doubt that even after a wedding meal guests will become peckish. That’s why dessert tables have become one of the most talked about features at any wedding. Donut wedding ideas, stacked and tiered is the latest trend to hit dessert tables, who couldn’t resist a glazed donut or even jam or custard after a day of celebrating. Sweet treats and self-service is much appreciated after a night of dancing on your feet that provides a sugary pick me up to indulge on; from cupcakes and cookies, to chocolate dipped strawberries. We’ll be happy to create a unique selection just for your tastes!


5. Guest Experience

Celebrating a wedding isn’t just about the bride and groom but also about bringing together your loved ones and friends to rejoice with you. Weddings are becoming more than just another event and are now an experience for the guest to remember. This means creating a style of entertainment that guests can become a part and special memories be made of over just watching another performance.


Additional Shot or Cocktail Bar

Setting up a small bar away from the main bar is a great way to create a guest experience and turn up the atmosphere just that little bit more. At times a bar can be hit with many guests waiting to be served, adding a shot or cocktail bar will help break up that rush and lead guests into different areas of the room or venue. Why not design or choose a shot or cocktail in honour of the newly-weds to reflect the style and theme of the day.


Photo Props

Professional photo booths have been in for some time but many guests love to take selfies and share on social media with friends and family. So, what better way to share the day than providing guests with a make shift photo booth area ready with fun props and an Instagram frame that includes a hashtag to match the big day so that guests can share their pictures no matter how stylish, funny or outrageous they might be!